The BBQ Dad


Behold the BBQ Dad, the King of the Grill, the Sauce Boss. Hand him a cold beer, sit back and enjoy the fireworks because with this gift sack, his BBQs are about to become the stuff of legends.

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This sack is for the Dad who likes his flavours turned all the way up to 11, adding some tools to his BBQ arsenal that are sure to pack a smoky punch. Under seasoning is a thing of the past with Shumka Dust’s Moonlite Bay Dredge coating and pairs so well with Ontario’s finest BBQ and hot sauces that even his Dad would be proud.

Finally a hardwood chopping board shaped like his favourite lake and a Weber apron makes sure this Dad not only looks like a seasoned pro but has the tools to prove it.… just make sure he doesn’t overcook the chicken.

King of the Grill

Give BBQ Dad the tools he needs to take his grilling to the next level

Keep it Local

Spice it up with some Shumka Dust and prepare the food on a chopping board shaped like everyone’s favourite lake

Awesome Sauces

Thunder Bay Favourites like Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. and Busters Barbeque

Comfort is Key

Keep BBQ Dad looking fresh in a Weber apron and some seriously comfy Sleeping Giant boxer briefs.

What’s in this sack?

Featuring some of Thunder’s Bay finest items

Two Sleeping Giant Boxer Briefs –  Sleeping Giant Trading Co.
Lake Superior Board – Paddy O’Boards
Habanero Hot Sauce – Heartbeat Hot sauce Co.
Jalapeño Hot Sauce – Heartbeat Hot sauce Co.
Moonlite Bay Dredge – Shumka Dust
Blueberry Habanero BBQ Sauce – Busters Barbeque
Blueberry BBQ Sauce – Busters Barbeque
Weber Apron – Maier Hardware

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