Santa’s Snackin’ Sack


There’s no better time for a snack than when you’re home during the holidays with nothing to do but eat! Santa’s Snackin’ Sack is the all-in-one charcuterie spread that’s a perfect crowd-pleaser no matter the size. Cut down on your time roaming the aisles this holiday season with a delightful range of meats, cheeses, spreads, and crisps.

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Santa’s Snackin’ Sack

While there may be less guests to impress, a charcuterie board is the perfect solution to satisfy the salty cravings of your bubble.

Our selection of snacks will take you around the globe with Polish Sarebska Mild Mustard, Frangiulia Green Olives, and Mediterranenan Antipasto.

This basket includes some of the finest cured meats on the market including pepperettes, kubassa, and jukka pork.

For the cheese lovers, our selection of mild, jalapeno, and sun-dried tomato and basil gouda will perfectly compliment the savoury slabs of meat.

Finally, two bags of rye and fin crisps will come through with a crunch for the perfect snack.

Our sack isn’t exclusive to meat-eaters either! Check out our Santa’s Vegan Snackin’ Sack for a similar selection of vegan options.

The Perfect Holiday Snack

Everything you could want on a cracker, from the spread to the salty slab of meat.

Support Local

Meats from European Meats & Deli and cheeses from Thunder Oak Cheese.

Charcuterie Board Included

When we tell you it’s everything you could want on a charcuterie board, that includes the board!

It’s All Gouda

Three selections of gouda cheese from Thunder Oak Cheese.

What’s in this sack?

Featuring some of Thunder’s Bay finest items

Charcuterie Board -St. Joe’s Team Werks
Rye Crisps 150g – European Meats
Fin Crisps 250g – European Meats
Frangiulia Green Olives 900ml – European Meats
Mild Pepperettes (6) – European Meats
Double Smoked Ham Kubassa 600g – European Meats
Polish Sarebska Mild Mustard 250ml – European Meats
Antipasto Mediterranean 375ml – European Meats
Smokey Pepper Spread 375 ml – European Meats
Jukka Special (Pork) 300g – European Meats
Jalapeno Gouda Cheese 250g – European Meats
Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Gouda Cheese 250g – European Meats
Mild Gouda Cheese 250g – European Meats

We ❤️ Thunder Bay

100% Local Vendors

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We offer FREE contactless Thunder Bay delivery within city limits.

All orders will be delivered 2-3 days before Christmas Day. We are doing a single drop off day to minimize any potential COVID contact.

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